Why Updating Your Membership Information is Important

Membership information updating is one of the most  important basic actions that should be done regularly, yet most of the time it is given least priority by AFPMBAI members.
Little do they know, the simple act of updating their membership info can make a difference for them, especially for their dependents.

So why is it important to update membership information?

For easier contact and better communication

Regularly updating membership information will enable AFPMBAI to better communicate with the members any updates or concerns on their respective account, policy or loan information, as well as updates regarding the latest undertakings, promos and services of the Association. 

Updating membership information will also allow the Association to contact the right person in case of any emergency.

To properly identify dependents who will receive benefits

There have been many cases in the Association where dependents were not able to receive the benefits due them, when the policy holder already passed away because they were not listed as policy beneficiaries by the member. 

Dependents who are not registered with AFPMBAI will not be acknowledged and will not be legally entitled to receive insurance benefits from AFPMBAI.

These are just some of the important points why members should update their membership information immediately. 

To update your membership information, you may download the Membership Information Form (MIF) from the AFPMBAI official website, www.afpmbai.com.ph or you may inquire at any branch or extension office near you.