On January 5, 2015, the Armed Forces and Police Mutual Benefit Association, Inc. marked its year-long celebration of its 50 years of outstanding service to its members. Upholding its theme, “Karamay Mo Noon. Kaagapay Mo Ngayon. Kabalikat Mo Habang Panahon.”, the Association will relive the milestones achieved through time and how AFPMBAI has grown and evolved into becoming the first and largest (in terms of assets) mutual benefit association in the country today.

 As the AFPMBAI celebrates its golden anniversary, the Association offers its deep gratitude to its members through designing a wide array of activities and events that are aimed to improve the welfare of the members.

Some of the many anticipated activities for the valued uniformed men and women include a nationwide talent search, grand raffle promo; unveiling of a new product, ground breaking of real estate properties, and further enhancement of services for the members.

The AFPMBAI also looks forward into implementing meaningful social services such as nationwide greening program.

Regularly check the AFPMBAI website for further details of activities and announcements.


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        For regular and associate members. This entitles policy holder to policy, salary and housing loans...

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