Real Estate Pre-retirement Loan

More than a roof over your head, AFPMBAI will help you realize your dream home where your family can reside in peace and love within a safe, harmonious community. Apart from being a sound investment, you can leave this property as a legacy for your family.

  • For AFP members who need to retire in 5 years or earlier when the loan was applied
  • For purchase of a house and lot or condominium unit (completed), for purchase of a lot and house construction, for house renovation and house construction
  • Easy and affordable payment up to 5 years
  • With an annual 5%-7% interest only
  • Loan amount is based on the following, whichever is lowest:

    • 50% of retirement benefit + 100% of commutable accumulated leaves of absence of the applicant
    • 70% of collateral’s appraised value and or collateral’s cost estimate
    • Actual requirement
    • P5M for officers or P3M for enlisted personnel

   1 year5.0%
   2 years5.5%
   3 years6.0%
   4 years6.5%
   5 years7.0%