Life Insurance Retirement Plans

Our uniformed services offer their lives for our fellowmen and country. This selflessness is being complemented by AFPMBAI’s provision of hassle-free, long-term protection with the most affordable monthly payment; ensuring our members are prepared to face any of life’s challenges while giving them peace of mind that their loved ones are taken care of as well.


Secure and comfortable retirement
  • Not only for protection, but for investment security and savings also with additional privileges
  • Additional disability benefit for total and permanent disability due to an accident while on duty
  • Member is protected until he turns 56 years old
  • 2x the insurance amount will be given to the member’s family if the member passes away due to an accident
  • Dividends will be received on the policy’s 4th year which will continue every year until the member turns 55 years old
  • Maturity benefit will be received on the member’s 56th birthday

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