AFPMBAI Donates to the Philippine Senate-Office of the Sergeant-At-Arms

Last 18 February 2020, AFPMBAI and the Philippine Senate held a handover ceremony at the Office of the Sergeant-At-Arms (OSAA), Senate of the Philippines. Gym and sports equipment were given to the Sergeant-At-Arms Gym, composed of retired members from the major services, Associate members, and security forces.

This handover is in keeping with AFPMBAI’s mandate to its partners. The Association is committed to bridge ties, assist in the improvement of basic and operational services, promote and support projects that contribute to sustainable developments within the scope of the members from various branches of service. To this end, AFPMBAI further engages in various activities that support improvements in business and society as it is deemed practical and mutually beneficial to the concerned.

Present in the ceremony were: Senator Vicente C Sotto III, Senate President (4th from right); MGen Edgardo C Samonte AFP (Ret), Senate of the Philippines Sergeant-At-Arms and former AFPMBAI President and CEO (leftmost); MGen Robert M Arevalo AFP (Ret), AFPMBAI President and CEO (3rd from left); Jeffrey Richard Nixon Matthew L Uy, AFPMBAI Social Services Office Head (3rd from right); Fe E Gerona, AFPMBAI Real Estate Division Head (2nd from left); Angelina S Jutie, AFPMBAI NCR Area Head, Area and Branch Operations Division (2nd from right); Jennifer C Callo, AFPMBAI Social Services Office Supervisor (rightmost); uniformed personnel from the PNP and BFP, and staff from the OSAA.