By 2025, a customer-centered organization operating in accordance with the global standards preferred and trusted by its members in providing full financial security and protection.

To provide our members the most responsive insurance protection and investments, affordable housing/financial products and meaningful social services.

With the guiding faith to the Lord God Almighty, we adhere to the following:
  • Customer Commitment
    – Passionately Serving our “customers” by putting their perspective, expectations,
       and experience at the forefront of everything that we do.

  • Integrity
    – Steadfast in upholding the Core Values of AFPMBAI and doing the right things right all the time.

  • Professionalism
    – Continuous pursuit of higher level of Competence, Standards, and 
    Excellence – individually and organizationally.

  • Innovation
    – Advocating “Continuous Improvement” by embracing “change,” being comfortable
       with “progress,” and challenging the “status quo”.

  • Teamwork
    – Inculcating a culture of collaboration, cooperation, communication, and
      support between individuals, teams, and within AFPMBAI.

At the AFPMBAI, the needs of the members and their families come first. We pledge our expertise, time and effort to the service of these needs. Towards this end, we endeavor to serve to the best of our ability in the spirit of professionalism, dedication, and compassion.