Enforcement of Data Privacy Act (DPA) and Credit Information System Act (CISA)

PRIVACY NOTICE AS PER REPUBLIC ACT NO. 10173 AFPMBAI upholds an individual’s data privacy rights and observes that all personal information, sensitive personal information, and privileged information collected and to be collected are processed or recorded, managed, organized, stored, updated, retrieved, consolidated, used, blocked, and erased according to the Data Privacy Act of 2012 (RA 10

Why Updating Your Membership Information is Important

Membership information updating is one of the most  important basic actions that should be done regularly, yet most of the time it is given least priority by AFPMBAI members. Little do they know, the simple act of updating their membership info can make a difference for them, especially for their dependents.So why is it important to update membership information?For easier contact and better comm

One of the Heroes of Marawi

1Lt John Frederick S Savellano was one of the uniformed troops who were killed in Marawi. He had led the Marines team who recovered almost P80M from the Maute group’s stronghold in Marawi. City.Coping with the LossThere was no heaviness of heart, feeling of hurt or pain among the family members of the late 1Lt John Frederick S Savellano, when they went to the AFPMBAI’s head office to claim th