Members Educational Assistance Loan (MEDAL)

Life’s urgent necessities are unavoidable. AFPMBAI has got you covered through such emergencies. It is a reliable partner offering loan and equity privileges.

  • For members with active Additional Insurance, MBAI Protek
  • P50,000 maximum loanable amount can be paid in 1 year with an annual 7% interest only

  • The borrower should have an existing Basic Insurance,  Additional Insurance and/ or E56 or SGTI coverage.
  • The borrower must have a good credit record as determined by any credit bureau/facility. All his/her accounts should be current and have NO ARREARS.
  • The borrower should have a NET TAKE HOME PAY as required by his branch of service/bureau after deducting the monthly amortization of Salary Loan/MEDAL.
  • One MEDAL per borrower is allowed regardless of the number of policies held but not exceed the aggregate face amount of his/her insurance.